Discussion Boards

Welcome to Dover Baptist Church discussion boards.

We have set up a number of discussion boards (forums) to help keep the church community in touch with one another outside of the regular church events, meetings and services.

One would ask that we maintain respect for God and for one another in all that we post.  We will look to moderate the discussion board on a regular basis, if you do find anything on the board that you have concerns about, do please let t a Deacon or Marc know, and it will be dealt with.

The Church operates a number of discussion boards, available under Discussion Board on the menu above:

  • General – For all general topics of interest, limited to the Church community.
  • Church Prayer Requests – If there is any issue that you would like to have prayed for, please add it to this forum.  Note that this forum is accessible to everyone registered on the website, who is a member of the congregation.  It is not accessible to the community outside of the Church.
  • Various Home Group Forums – These are only available to members of the different Home Groups and are not for general Church use.

Please note, that when you activate your account (via the email the system sends you) you will temporarily assigned as a non-member.  We aim to update this as quickly as we can to enable you to use the discussion boards.  If you find that you have had to wait for more than 48 hours, please contact a deacon and he will pass this on. 

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