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And now for this year’s Reverse Advent Appeal:


Dover Foodbank Reverse Advent Calendar Appeal –  2020

Following on from the support we have received in previous years, Dover Foodbank is launching its fourth annual Reverse Advent Calendar Appeal on November 1st.  This is the foodbank’s special 2020 appeal to local people, organisations, schools and businesses for donations to help feed local people in crisis particularly over the coming Christmas and New Year.  The launch date of November 1st allows people to complete their Reverse Advent Calendar and arrange to get their donations to us in time for us to distribute Christmas-related items in time for Christmas, but we are happy for people to start any time within November and December to suit their own circumstances.

A Reverse Advent Calendar is where. instead of opening a window and receiving a daily gift, people donate an item each day; at the end of the 24 day period the food is donated to Dover Foodbank to be used to support local people who are in need.

Project Co-ordinator, Jonathan Wheeler, said, “We know that much of 2020 has been a challenging time for many local people in various different ways, but we also know that for some it has been a time of being able to reach out to others in need of support to see them through some of those difficulties.  As there seems to be little sign of the Covid19 pandemic coming to an end in the next few weeks we know that the run up to Christmas will be a particularly difficult time for some, so we are inviting those who are in a position to help others in the local community to take part in our Reverse Advent Calendar appeal.  The support we receive makes it possible for us to continue to support those in need, not only during the festive season but going forward into 2021 as well.  Your continued help and support is greatly appreciated and makes a real difference to the lives of the increasing number of people being referred to us for help.”

Dover Foodbank is always happy to receive donations of in-date long-life food items – a list of suitable items is always available on our website – .  We are happy to collect donations of reverse advent calendar items by prior arrangement.  Alternatively donations can be delivered to Poulton Service & Exhaust Centre, Hollow Wood Road, Poulton Industrial Estate,  CT17 0UB, or to our warehouse (but do contact us first for location details and to check the warehouse is open).

For further information or to contact us about donations please contact Dover Foodbank on 07870 361180 / 07771 898884 or by email: .  Individual items can be left in any of our collection boxes in town which include The Weigh Inn, Halifax, Help Our Town Community Shop, JHL Accountants, Lloyds, Nationwide Building Society and Natwest.  Items bought in store at Morrison’s or River Co-op or Tesco can be left in the collection boxes by their tills.

It would be great if you are able to encourage friends and colleagues / work places to  think about supporting this, but we do also recognise that there are many calls upon people at this time of year, and also that 2020 has been a particularly difficult time for many.  As always do please feel free to display / share / circulate this info as you see fit, and do please let us know if you need us to call round at any time to collect.

I have attached, in case they are useful for you:

  • some notes about the Reverse Advent Appeal, 
  • a suggested “calendar”  (we do have an editable version if you want – just let me know)


With kindest regards and every best wish


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