Home Group Questions – Week beginning 8th March 2020

John 4:27-42

We usually gravitate to ‘people like me’. Who would you think is the closest equivalent of the Samaritans? – v27

The woman left the water jar and took a message. What does this suggest to you? – v28-29

Jesus describes doing the will of God as food. How do you understand this? – v31-34

Jesus uses the phrase ‘finish His [God’s] work’ (NIV). What was it and how was it (or is it) happening? – v34

What do you see as the fields and the harvest, and who are the reapers? – v35-38

The woman had a very short testimony. If speaking to an unbeliever what would your testimony contain? – v39

‘Believe’ is a key word in John’s Gospel – see here in v39, 41, 42. What do you think John meant by this word?

What does the idea of Jesus spending two days with the Samaritans suggest to you? – v40

How does Jesus being ‘the Saviour of the world’ affect the Samaritans then, and the people of Dover today?