Home Group Questions: Week beginning 16th February 2020

John 2:23-3:21

For many people seeing is believing – 2:23. What do you see as the exceptions to this, and why are these exceptions accepted as true?

What is John referring to within mankind? – v24-25

Why do you think Nicodemus came to Jesus at night-time? – 3:2

How would you describe being born of water and the Spirit? What experience do you have of these? – v5

Jesus says that those born of the Spirit are like the wind – see v8. How do you understand this comparison?

Do you find the fact that Jesus went into/came out of heaven as helpful? Why? – v13

What are the similarities between Jesus’ death and Moses’ snake? – v14-15. See also Numbers 21:7-9

Why do you think we know John 3:16 better than John 3:18?

Here the theme of light and darkness reappears. What (or who) was it that brought you into the light? – v19-21