Home Group Questions – Week beginning 15th March 2020

John 4:43-54

Why do you think ‘a prophet has no honour in his own country’? Whether you see yourself as a prophet or not, do you see this applying to you? Why/why not? – v44

Who, or where, have you gone to in the past in order to seek healing? What happened? – v47

Within Paul’s list of gifts of the Spirit found in 1 Cor 12 there is listed the ‘gift of healing’ (v28, 30). Do you know (or have you known) someone with this gift?

Why do you think, as Paul suggests in 1 Cor 12, not everyone who is a Christian has the gift of healing?

Paul seems to be saying that prophecy is a better gift to have than healing (1 Cor 14:1). Why would you say prophecy is better than healing?

We will not all have the gift of healing, but we can all pray for healing. When have you (possibly with others) prayed for someone who was miraculously healed?

What story of healing keeps you praying for healing?

Have you ever been as convinced about something as Jesus was in His declaration? – v50, 52-53