Home Group Questions: Week beginning 2nd February 2020

John 2:1-12

What do you think Jesus meant by, ‘my time has not yet come’? – v4

If it was before the right time why do you think Jesus agreed to help? – v7-8

What does this story show us about Jesus?

It appears that for John performing a miracle means revealing glory. What are your thoughts on glory? – v11

John also suggests that the disciples’ faith, at least a decent part of it, was due to seeing a miracle. Did you come to faith because of a miracle? (see also 1 Cor 2:4)

What miracles have you seen or become aware of?

John calls this the first ‘miraculous sign’ – there will be others. Why do you think he used the word ‘sign’?

We could probably all direct people to the Town Hall. How would you direct people to Christ?

Spend some time working out how to do this. How many ‘signs’, etc., would you include?