Home Group Questions: Week beginning 9th February 2020

John 2:13-22

What could be the equivalent today of such a cleansing of the temple? – v15-16

What sort of things is it good, and conversely not good, to be zealous about? – v17

We sometimes use the phrase ‘righteous anger’. Elsewhere (Eph 4:26) we read “In your anger do not sin”. What sort of things make you angry, and would you ever call it righteous anger?

Last week’s passage contained John’s (or Jesus’) first sign. Here the Jews want one on-demand. Why do you think signs are linked with authority for them? – v18

Jesus referred to His body as a temple (v19 & 21). As Christians our bodies are also described this way (e.g. 1 Cor 6:19). What do you think this means for how we should live our lives?

There are quite a few references to Jesus’ physical resurrection in the New Testament besides this one? Why is a physical resurrection necessary? – v19, 22