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To register as a new user, you will need to fill-in the registration form.

After submitting your registration form, a system will send you an email with an activation link in it, which you will need to click to confirm and activate your account.  If you do not see the activation email in your inbox, please do check your SPAM folder.  If it does not appear in either your Inbox or SPAM folder please do contact the Deacons or Marc.

Once your account has been activated, you will temporarily assigned as a non-member, and will only have limited access to read the General discussion board.  We aim to get the account upgraded to provide you will the relevant access to the appropriate discussion boards as quickly as we can.  If you find that you have had to wait for more than 48 hours, please contact the Deacons and he will pass this on to the web administrator.

Note:  Not only may your account activation email find its way into your SPAM folder, but password reset emails may end up there as well.