Quiz – A to E

Do you feel the need to give your Bible knowledge a workout? Here are some (fun) themed quiz questions you might want to have a go at.
If you get it right first time, then award yourself 100 points, if you need to look it up award yourself 75 points.
How close to 2500 points can you get?


What do you know about the alternative names of Bible characters?

What apostle and New Testament author was originally known as Saul? [Acts 13:9]
What fisherman turned apostle was also know as Simon or Cephas? [John 1:42]
What character in the book of Daniel once had his name changed to Belteshazzar? [Daniel 1:7]
What nickname, meaning “Son of Encouragement”, did the apostles give to Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus? [Acts 4:36]
What nickname did Jesus give to the disciple brothers James and John? [Mark 3:17]


Baal’s Friends and Foes
What do you know about the supporters and opponents of the false god Baal?

What fleecy judge was nicknamed “Jerub-Baal” for tearing down Baal’s altar? [Judges 6:32]
What prophet of God challenged 450 prophets of Baal to see whose god would answer by fire? [1 Kings 18:22-24]
What leader’s death preceded the Israelites’ descent into Baal worship? [Judges 2:8-11]
What evil woman led Israel’s King Ahab, her husband into Baal worship? [1 Kings 16:29-31]
What king of Israel claimed to worship Baal, only to destroy the priests of Baal? [2 Kings 10:18-19]


What do you know about Paul’s correspondence?

Which of these three – faith, hope, or love – did Paul say was greatest in a letter to the Christians at Corinth? [1 Corinthians 13:13]
What prickly physical ailment did Paul write about to the church at Corinth? [2 Corinthians 12:7]
What man, along with his wife Priscilla, moved to Corinth for Italy when all Jews were ordered to leave Rome? [Acts 18:1-2]
Who, besides Jews, did Paul preach to every Sabbath day in the Corinth synagogue? [Acts 18:4]
What man, for whom a New Testament book is named, travelled to Corinth to help pick up an offering for needy saints? [2 Corinthians 8:16-19]


Hint: All the answers begin with “D”


What kind of bird, released from the ark, brought an olive leaf back to Noah? [Genesis 8:11]
What substance did God use to form man? [Genesis 2:7]
What prophetess, the wife of Lappidoth, was a judge of Israel? [Judges 4:4]
What did scoffers accuse the disciples of when they spoke in tongues at Pentecost? [Acts 2:1-15]
What Philistine idol fell over and broke in pieces when the ark of the covenant was placed nearby? [1 Samuel 5:1-5]


How’s your seismological knowledge?

What kind of creature started an earthquake by rolling back the stone that sealed Jesus’ tomb? [Matthew 28:1-4]
What mountain, where Moses received the Ten Commandments, shook as the Lord came down on it? [Exodus 19:18-19]
What missionary companion of Paul experienced an earthquake in a Philippian jail? [Acts 16:25-38]
What prophet went through an earthquake only to learn that God spoke in a gentle whisper? [1 Kings 19:11-13]
What is one of three miracles accompanying the earthquake that occurred at the moment of Jesus’ death? [Matthew 27:50-53]