Thoughts and Question – 07 March 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 7/3/21
Luke 9:12-17

Jesus is being followed around by a large crowd. It appears that at times He is talking to just His smaller group of disciples, but at other times speaking to the multitude. Towards the end of one such day we have Him being followed by 5,000 men, and, going on John’s account of this story, at least one boy, but there may have been many more.

  • Why do you think Jesus chose to go to a ‘remote’ place? – v12
  • What do you think Jesus expected the disciples to do when He asked them to sort the food for the multitude?
  • If, as we see in John’s Gospel (John 6:9), the five loaves and two fish were being carried by one boy, how much do you think it was?
  • Why do you think Jesus suggested they divide into 50s? – v14
  • What does Jesus’ breaking the bread remind you of? – v16
  • How important to you is the sharing of communion?
  • How often do you have communion? How often do you think you should or would like to have it?
  • When you have a meal (whether with bread or otherwise) do you give thanks?
  • Do you think that there is anything important about the number of baskets the leftovers were collected in? – v17