Thoughts and Question – 24 May 2020

Thoughts and Questions, week beginning 24/5/20
John 6:25-29

The crowd of 5,000 people have now followed Jesus and the disciples around the Sea of Galilee.

Within the first two verses (v25-26) we have three possible reasons for the crowd following Jesus. These are:

  • ‘Rabbi’ – He is followed because of His teaching – v25
  • ‘The signs’ – They follow because of miracles – v26
  • ‘Ate the loaves’ – It’s because of the practical provision – v26

Consider your own introduction to God and your subsequent walk with Him.

  • How did the above aspects fit into your story?
  • Is there one that is much more important to you than the others? Why?
  • Is there one that is not important at all? Why?

Jesus states that the crowd are more interested in the practical, social side than anything else.

  • In what ways have you been involved in the practical outworking of the Church?
  • Is it something that you’ve considered in the past but never got round to? Why not?

Jesus states (v29) that the work of God that He requires of people is to ‘believe’ in the One (Jesus).

  • What does the word’ believe’ mean to you?
  • In what ways is this belief acted out through your life?