Thoughts and Questions – 03 January 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 3/1/21
James 1:1-8



This letter is supposed to have been written by James, a brother of Jesus, who became head of the Church in Jerusalem. He was killed in 62AD. At least towards the end of his Ministry and life there was growing persecution against the Church, and it is with this as a back-drop that he writes this letter, as a general letter, to be circulated around the whole of the then known world.

  • If we assume that this letter was written by Jesus’ brother, how must he have felt seeing his older brother as being his Lord, to whom he is a servant? – v1
  • What sort of trials have you faced, or are facing now? – v2
  • Can you think of a time when you have had ‘pure joy’ In what way can you see joy as being experienced when within your trials?
  • How has the development of perseverance helped you? – v3

Some Christians I have met have seen it as improper to pray for themselves, but, I think, there are places within the Scriptures that suggest that prayer for self is acceptable. This seems one such place.

  • In which circumstances have you asked God for wisdom? – v5
  • I think there is a link between the ‘pure joy’ of verse 2 and the ‘wisdom’ of verse 5. Why, do you think, wisdom, even wisdom from God, could help us experience pure joy?
  • What would you say that God has given to you ‘generously’?
  • In what circumstances will God not find fault with us?
  • How do you understand the ’believe and not doubt’ of verse 6?