Thoughts and Questions – 06 December 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 6/12/20
Revelation 5:5-14

Within this part of the book of Revelation we have worship being offered to God. In chapter 5 we have worship of the Father, but here in chapter 6 it is also addressed to the  Lion (v5), or the Lamb (v6), both of whom we take to be Jesus, the Son of God.

  • What does Jesus being described as a lion who has triumphed mean to you? – v5
  • He is also referred to as a lamb, looking like it has been slain. What thoughts does this picture bring to your mind?
  • Why do you think John put these two pictures one after the other? How could you explain Jesus being described as a lion and a lamb?

There are certain things within the book of Revelation that are beyond our experience, though that’s understandable as it speaks of things we have not, and as yet, cannot see. The four living creatures are one example of this. What we do see, though, is that the lamb clearly has great authority, being able to take the scroll when nobody else could.

  • Do you like the imagery of our prayers rising up like the aroma of incense? Why/why not?
  • Greater than all the other wonderful things that Jesus did while on earth, He is worshipped because of His death (v9 & v13). Why do you think this is?
  • What are your thoughts on verse 10, the idea of reigning on the earth?
  • God Almighty (the Father) and the Lamb (Jesus) are acknowledged and worshipped equally (v13-14). What does this say to you?

Extra general question, if necessary:

The book of Revelation only just made it into our Bibles. It has been suggested that it would have been better if it wasn’t there, for the death and destruction can make the Christians uncaring to the people of the world around, it can cause division between believers, and make them spend an unhealthy amount of time looking for ‘signs’.

What would be your response to such a comment, and why?