Thoughts and Questions – 07 February 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 7/2/21
James 3:1-12

  • What does being a teacher mean if we don’t just limit this to Ordained Ministers?
  • Why do you think teachers will be judged more harshly? – v1
  • What Church teaching have you ever heard that, in your mind, you disagreed with?

James seems to be suggesting that it is possible to be perfect.

  • In your experience, and in this context, is this achievable? Why/why not? – v2

The horse and the ship are steered by very small parts. In what ways do you think the tongue steers you? – v3-4

  • What sort of things do we boast about? – v5
  • From your knowledge of the Bible, what is it acceptable to boast about?
  • How can what we say cause evil to exist within the Church? – v6
  • Is James right in suggesting that we praise God at some times and curse men at others?
  • What techniques have you found that reduce this attitude that shouldn’t exist? – v9-10
  • If it were a choice, how do you choose to bless and not curse?