Thoughts and Questions 10 January 2021

Thoughts and Questions w/c 10/1/21
James 1:9-18

The early Church is suffering from persecution and James writes to encourage the believers.

There are already people from the extremes of the financial spectrum, with rich and poor rubbing shoulders within the churches.

  • What could be the high position, do you think, of the person in humble circumstances (poor?)? – v9
  • And what could be the low position of the rich? – v10
  • Pride (NIV) seems an unusual word for something believers should have. What is it right for us to pride ourselves in?
  • What sort of trials have you faced (or are you facing now)? – v12
  • What are the different sorts of trials we face?
  • What has helped you to persevere within these trials?

James makes it clear that God does not tempt anybody (v13).

  • Why do you think some Christians believe that God tempts or tests us?
  • James says that ‘Every good and perfect gift is from above’. Can you name a few of these gifts? – v17
  • What does it mean to you that God does not change?

Read through verse 18 a few times. Meditate on it.

  • What, for you, is the key part of that verse?