Thoughts and Questions – 11 October 2020

Questions, w. b. 11/10/2020
Daniel 3


  • What are the closest things we have to Nebuchadnezzar’s statue today? – v1
  • In what ways are we commanded (or encouraged) to do things that are against our beliefs? – v4
  • How do you understand ‘worship’? – v5 (E.g. see Rom 12:1)
  • With your understanding of worship, who (or what) do you worship?
  • Maybe (and hopefully) we’ll never know, but would you be able to resist the pressure to conform? How? – v12-13
  • In what ways have you ‘toned down’ your beliefs in order not to offend others (or to protect yourself)? What did this achieve in the long term?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of what the three said – ‘God can, but He may not’? – v17-18
  • What does the fourth man in the fire mean to you? – v25 Which other stories does this remind you of?
  • Which areas of your life do you need to make a stand in?