Thoughts and Questions – 13 September 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 13/9/20
John 11:1-16


As we see from a reference to something that hasn’t happened yet (Mary’s wiping Jesus feet, verse 2, that doesn’t occur till chapter 12), John does not always have the contents of his Gospel in strict chronological order.

But what we do see is that there is often a link with what he has just written about.

There is a concern about returning to Judea (verse 8) that clearly refers back to the previous chapter.

  • What do you think was the purpose of wiping perfume on Jesus’ feet? – v2
  • How do you understand God’s glory within the story of Lazarus? – v4
  • Why do you think Jesus stayed where He was for a further two days? – v6

Bethany was actually in Judea, but verses 7 to 10 don’t necessary tie in with going to that village.

  • What are the main points of verses 7 to 10?
  • How do these verses fit in with the story of Lazarus?

Jesus said that the sickness would not lead to death (v4) but it does (v14). But we need the next part of the chapter to see why both of these are right.

  • Why does Jesus (and later Paul) use the word ‘asleep’ for death? – V11
  • Why do you think Thomas thought that some sort of death pact was a good idea? – v16