Thoughts and Questions – 14 Feb 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 14/2/21
James 3:13-18

Within this passage James highlights two different sources of wisdom, one from the devil and one from heaven.

  • What do you think James means with the word ‘understanding’ (NIV) here? – v13
  • Can you give an example, either from your own life or not, of this understanding?

James has previously written about deeds (I will show you my faith by what I do – James 2:18). Here he speaks more about deeds.

  • Who, would you say, is your perfect example of a person of humility?
  • What, would you say, is a good life for a Christian? Give an example of a deed.
  • Have you ever seen examples of bitter envy or selfish ambition in a Church? – v14

Have a look at the list of good things that come from heavenly wisdom – v17

Consider each of these, and pray about them:





Full of mercy

Full of good fruit



  • Can you see (and explain) how these have been growing in you?

I suggest that we should be at peace with ourselves, at peace with each other, and at peace with God.

  • Are there any of these ideas of peace that you struggle with?
  • In what way can you be (and have you been) a peacemaker? – v18