Thoughts and Questions – 14th June 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 14/6/20
John 6:60-71

Jesus has just been teaching the disciples about His body being bread and the fact that those who believe in Him must eat him.

  • Why do you think there were times when Jesus made it difficult for the disciples to understand what He was saying?
  • In what ways do you think the disciples could have been offended by Jesus? – v61
  • Why do you think John puts in a reference to Jesus ascension here? – v62
  • How would you say that ‘the Spirit gives life’? – v63
  • What sort of words could be described as Spirit and life?

Within this passage there are two references to Judas Iscariot (v64 and v71) and the fact that he was the one who would betray Jesus.

  • Have you ever been tempted to turn you back on Christ/ the Church? Why? – v66
  • What was it that helped you to stay?
  • How would you describe ‘the words of eternal life’, to a believer or a non-believer? – v68
  • What does Jesus being ‘the holy One’ mean to you?

I suggest that we also ‘have the words of eternal life’.

  • In what ways do your words reflect Jesus, or relate to eternal life?