Thoughts and Questions – 15 November 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 15/11/20
Isaiah 11:1-9

Around the time that Israel was taken into exile Isaiah had this vision of the future.

Here we have what has been widely taken as a clear prophecy about the coming King, Jesus. Even though it was hundreds of years in the future (though Isaiah didn’t know how far in the future) it offered some comfort for those who were being dragged from their land, God’s promised land.

The message:

  1. There would be a king again.
  2. There would be a kingdom (a nation at least).
  3. There would be a time of peace.
  4. There would be a time when everybody on the planet had knowledge of their God.


  • Isaiah mentions a stump, a shoot, a branch and fruit. What do you think these mean? – v1
  • There is reference to different attributes/gifts of the Spirit here (verse 2). Can you think, from your knowledge of the New Testament, how each of these were seen in the person of Jesus?
  • How do you understand ‘the fear of the Lord’? – v2, 3
  • He will judge by not what he sees or hears, but with righteousness (v3-5). How do you understand this?
  • In what ways (if we do) do we judge each other?

Isaiah seems to be looking at different times in history. The part that is in the past, Jesus being a King, is clear. But his prophecy seems to look forward to the end of time.

  • What are your thoughts on this description of peace? – v6-8

Paul, in Romans, suggests that all should know that there is a creator God (Romans 1:20), but clearly then, as now, not everyone can accept it.

  • What would it take for the second half of verse 9 to become a reality?