Thoughts and Questions – 21 February 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 21/2/21
Luke 4 1-13

Jesus has just been baptised and is tempted in the wilderness.

  • Why do you think Luke stresses the Spiritual guidance? – v1
  • Would you say that you have ever been ‘led by the Spirit’, whether into places of temptation or somewhere else?
  • How was this ‘leading’ experienced by you?
  • In what ways would you say the devil has tempted you? – v2
  • What experiences of fasting (v2, see also Matthew 6:16-18) do you have, either you or someone you know? Why did you do it and was there a measurable outcome?
  • Have you ever had your relationship with God challenged? – v3
  • Has your knowledge of the Bible been helpful when countering temptations? – v4, 8, 12
  • If so, have there been any phrases/verses that specially helped? Did they come to mind because you knew the Bible or were they in a song or hymn?
  • What is your response to the devil claiming authority? – v6
  • How much time do you spend reading the Bible, or even learning it?
  • Do you feel you know the Bible enough yet, either to a) defeat temptations, or b) to explain your faith to an unbeliever?