Thoughts and Questions – 24 January 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 24/1/21
James 2:1-13

It appears to me that James is aware of a specific Church that has shown clear favouritism in at least one instance. In a way all of these verses can be related to this instance.

  • Have you ever noticed favouritism being shown within a Church? – v1
  • Within this reading the favouritism is all down to money. In what other ways can we be drawn to favour one person above another?
  • How do (or would) you respond if somebody came into Church in ‘shabby clothes’? – v2
  • Why do you think there was (and maybe still is) favouritism shown to the rich people?
  • In what ways do you judge? –v4
  1. Outside the Church
  2. Inside the Church
  • In what ways would you say that you ‘love your neighbour as yourself’? – v8
  • Why do you (or do you not) think favouritism is as bad as murder? – v9-11

James writes about receiving mercy and being merciful – v13

  • What does being merciful mean to you, both to receive mercy and to offer mercy?

Extra, if time allows:

A good example of receiving and giving mercy is found in Matthew 18:23-34, a story entitled the unmerciful servant.

  • What is/are the main point/s of this story?