Thoughts and Questions – 26 July 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 26/7/20
John 8:31-47

Although we recognise that Jesus came in order to die (for our salvation) and rise again (for our hope) he also came to teach.

  • If you were asked where to find the teaching of Jesus, what would you say?
  • Is there any key teaching that you remember? Why?
  • Why do you think there is a link here between teaching and being a disciple? – v31
  • In what way(s) can truth set you free?

The Jewish people were great believers in the purity of their family tree.

  • Why was being a descendant of Abraham important? – v33, v39
  • What does it mean to be a slave to sin? – v34
  • In what way has Jesus set you free? – v36
  • Why do you think some people wanted to kill Jesus? – v37, v40
  • In what ways can people be children of the devil? – v44

Jesus, time-and-again, declares that He has come from God:

He has been in the Father’s presence (v38)

He has been sent by God (v42)

  • What would such phrases mean to His listeners?
  • What do you think it means to ‘belong to God’’? – v47 (twice)