Thoughts and Questions – 28 February 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 28/2/21
Luke 4:16-21

Jesus finds Himself in the synagogue and knows it is His time to make Himself known.

  • Why do you think He was given the opportunity to read? – v16
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of doing something out of custom (habit)?


Jesus was handed the book of Isaiah. Think about the phrases from Isaiah 66 (v18-19).

  • Can you think of examples of these phrases being fulfilled?

‘preach good news’

‘proclaim freedom for prisoners’

‘recovery of sight for the blind’

‘release the oppressed’

‘proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour’

  • Had He done any of these things before this time?
  • What do you think ‘the year of the Lord’s favour’ meant/means? – v19
  • Does it change the meaning for you if these phrases were all fulfilled in the synagogue at that first reading? – v21
  • Consider the 4 freedoms (above). How could these be applied to a group of religious men?