Thoughts and Questions – 28 June 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 28/6/20
John 7:14-24

Earlier in chapter 7 we have Jesus delaying before going up to the feast in secret. Both in those verses and today’s reading it is made clear that He is hiding away because the Jewish leaders want to kill Him.

  • What do you think has changed to allow Jesus to leave his position of secrecy and start teaching? – v14
  • Why, do you think, did Jesus not go to College (or the equivalent)? – v15
  • In what ways could Jesus have heard from His Father? – v16
  • What would you say is God’s will for your life? – v17
  • In what different ways have you ‘heard’ God’s teaching?
  • Have you ever had a time when you have been convinced that what you need to say to someone is from God? How did you know?
  • During your Church experience would you say that the emphasis has been more on law, or grace, or an equal amount of both? – v19
  • What is the danger if one is much greater than the other?

Law greater than grace

Grace greater than law

  • What do you think ‘judging by mere appearances’ means? Do you do this? – v24
  • Do you have an example of ‘a right judgment’ that you have made?