Thoughts and Questions – 28 March 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 28/3/21
Luke 19:28-40

Jesus was returning, once again, to Jerusalem. I think it’s fair to assume that he knew that this was for the last time.

  • What was the point of what Jesus had just been saying (Luke 19:11-27)? – v28
  • Why is the sort of animal to be ridden important? – v30
  • Do you think Jesus, described as ‘the Lord’, would have been known by the colt’s owners? – v31-34
  • How, do you think, did Jesus know that the colt was there?
  • What does the reference to the cloaks mean? – v35-36
  • Read Psalm 118:22-29. Jesus will quote v22 later (Luke 20:17). Do you think the disciples knew this Psalm? If so, what were they declaring? – v38
  • What do you understand by Pharisees calling Jesus ‘teacher’? – v39
  • Why do you think the Pharisees complained?

Jesus suggests the stones could cry out (v40).

  • What other Bible references do you know of where other created things are given a voice?