Thoughts and Questions – 31st January 2021

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 31/1/21
James 2:14-26

James writes that faith should lead to a practical application.

  • Can you explain, briefly, your testimony of how you became a Christian and what changed in your life?
  • Spend some time thinking about your faith. What does your faith say:
    • About the world?
    • About Jesus?
    • About you, as a believer?
  • What is Christian faith without deeds, and why do you think James suggests that such faith is not faith at all? – v14, 17
  • What visible deeds do you do, and how do they show your faith (in God)? – v18
  • Why, in the middle of this challenge, do you think James brings in the vertical (us-God) aspect? – v19

James uses both Abraham (v21) and Rahab (v25) as examples of faith.

  • Consider their stories (Genesis 22:12; Joshua 2).
  • What do we learn from them about faith?
  • What do you see as unusual about these stories?
  • Both of these individuals were ‘considered righteous’. What do you think this means?
  • Do you think this has changed, being New Testament times, and, if so, in what way?