Thoughts & Questions – 05 July 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 05 July 2020
John 7:25-44

Jesus had gone up to the feast at first secretly, but now He seems to be in open view of everybody. He still has his opponents, even persecutors (v25, v30, v44), but the crowd are divided upon who He is.

  • Consider verses 27 to 29. Within these verses the word ‘from’ is found four times. What does the discussion about Jesus’ roots say to you? (see also v41-42)
  • Obviously, we are not Jesus, but how has where you have come ‘from’ (not just birth-place) shaped who you are today. Think of this from the positive, Christian angle.
  • Who, as individuals or churches, have most shaped you into who you are, and what you believe, today?

Another recurring word (or words) are ‘sent me’, found three times from verse 28 to 33.

  • In a few words, how would you summarise what Jesus was ‘sent’ to do?
  • In what ways do you see yourself as being ‘sent’ by God?
  • What, would you say, have you been ‘sent’ to do, and where?

There seems to have been division again over where Jesus has come from and where He is returning to. The religious leaders seem to understand He his saying He has come from God so want to arrest Him (v32), but others see Him as coming in, and in due time, returning, to a far country (v35).

  • How do you understand the idea of thirst here, and drinking of or from Jesus? – v37
  • How may the living water flowing from us be experienced by others?
  • Do we have any influence on the ‘water’ we give out, either amount or quality?
  • What does this idea of living water say to you about the Holy Spirit?