Thoughts & Questions – 06 September 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 6/9/20
John 10:22-42


I think it’s safe to assume that Jesus is always surrounded by a crowd, consisting of a number of disciples and Pharisees, of which some are friendly and others are not. Through this chapter he seems to be talking with those who do not agree with or support Him.

John ties this part of the chapter in with the last by referring to his ‘sheep’, although some time may have passed.

  • Why do you think the Jews wanted to know if Jesus were the Christ? – v24
  • What difference would it have made if He had said He was or He wasn’t the Christ?
  • Why do you think Jesus did not answer the question with a simple ‘yes’? – v25
  • What are your thoughts on the miracles in the Bible?
  • What was Jesus declaring by, ‘I and the Father are one’? – v30
  • What are your thoughts on Jesus response to the charge of blasphemy? – v33-36
  • What could Jesus mean by ‘doing what My Father does’? – v37
  • What miracles do you remember from the Bible? Is there an extra message to the obvious one?
  • What sort of miracles have you become aware of happening in our own time?
  • What miracles have you actually seen or experienced yourself?