Thoughts & Questions – 27 September 2020

Thoughts and questions, w. b. 27/9/20
John 11:38-44


We have had the sickness of Lazarus, the messages from Mary and Martha to Jesus to come and save him, the delay of Jesus and the disciples, and the death of Lazarus.


We saw that in verse 35, last week, it says Jesus wept. Here it says (v38) that Jesus was ‘once more deeply moved’.

  • Considering Jesus knew that He was going to raise Lazarus, why do you think Jesus was deeply moved?
  • How would you describe ‘the glory of God’ within this story? – v40
  • What do you think Jesus was saying here about His Father hearing Him? – v41-42


Belief, or believe, is a key word for John (see v40 and v42). It can be used as being limited to the mind (I believe = I think) or affecting the whole body (I believe = I act).

  • Which of these two ideas of ‘belief’ do you think John is pointing to here?
  • Which sort of things do you believe that are just to do with the mind?
  • Which sort of things do you believe that are to do with the whole body?
  • Is there any part of the Christian faith that is just for the mind?


Jesus called to the dead man and he was raised from the dead, got up and walked out with all the grave clothes still wrapped around him (v44).

  • What sort of emotions would have been felt by the onlookers?