Thoughts & Questions – 29th March 2020

Thoughts and questions, w/c 29th March 2020

John 5:24-40


Jesus is probably speaking to a mixed group of believers and unbelievers here. Some, at least, wanted to hear what John the Baptist had to say (v33), yet do not believe in Jesus (v40).

  • What is the difference between verse 24 here and John 3:16. What does this difference say to you?
  • ‘The dead’ (v25) probably refers more to those who are alive but do not know Jesus rather than those who have died. How would you describe the ‘life’ that you have now, compared with being ‘dead’ before you believed in Jesus?
  • Jesus then does refer to those in graves being resurrected (v28-29). There is a clear distinction between the two groups – the good, and the evil – and the two ultimate destinations, similar to Matthew 25:31-46. How does this apply alongside the Gospel of Jesus being the only way to the Father (John 14:6)?

Jesus challenges our modern way of life when He speaks of testifying. You can almost imagine Him going for a job interview: ’Okay, please tell me about yourself.’ Nothing! His answer would be more like, ‘Go and ask somebody else.’ – v31

  • How often do we talk about yourself? Sometimes, like job interviews, it’s essential, but how often do we ‘blow your own trumpet’? When can this be wrong?
  • How does it make you feel when someone else is speaking (positively) about you?
  • What do you understand by Jesus’ word ‘saved’ (v34)?
  • Assuming that we may be like John the Baptist, what is the light (see also Matthew 5:14) that we continue to give off for those around? – v35
  • Jesus said that His work testified to who He was (see also Luke 7:18-22). In what ways does your work (or actions) testify to who you are? Is there still good and bad, and if so, how is the ratio between the two changing? – v36

The Jews clearly believed that by learning the law they inherited eternal life. – v39

  • What is the difference between knowing Jesus and knowing about Him? – See John 17:3
  • How would you describe to someone what it means for you to know Jesus?